Registration - Spring 2024



US Lacrosse membership is required for each Rockingham Lacrosse player and coach. Your US Lacrosse membership provides necessary insurance coverage for your player during their lacrosse season and is valid for one year. Existing players/coaches please make sure the US Lacrosse membership will not expire before or during the season. Write down the US Lacrosse membership number.

USA Lacrosse

Click on the purple box to obtain your US Lacrosse number

Players and coaches will need their US Lacrosse membership number available. Rockingham Lacrosse Club validates all players and coaches against the US Lacrosse membership database.

Muddogs Lacrosse

Click on the Gray box to begin your registration with the Muddogs after obtaining your US lacrosse number: Spring 2024 Registration.


Registration Fees Spring 2024

We are a non profit organization. Our fees are put in place to help us facilitate lacrosse in the valley. They help to fund paint for lines, officials for games, equipment, uniforms, balls and all other lacrosse related expenses.


  • Early bird registration begins January 1st, 2024-January 7th, 2024.
  • Regular registration begins January 8th 2024-February 25th, 2024
  • Late registration begins February 26th, 2024 and closes March 2nd, 2024

-K-2 Coed: Early $45, regular $60, Late $70

-Junior Muddogs and Little Ladies 3-5th boys and girls: Early $65, Regular $95, Late $105

-MS Boys and MS Girls 6-8th: Early $85, Regular $115, Late $125

-HS Boys and HS Girls 9-12th grade: Early $115, Regular $145, Late $155.


*Sibling discount of $5 for 2 or more siblings.


Rental Equipment

As a club, we typically like to provide gear for our first time players to help minimize the up front cost of lacrosse before realizing that their athlete loves the sport and the Muddogs. We currently have chest protectors and helmets that meet the standard, primarily for our Middle school and Jr. Muddogs players. With that being said, we are a non-profit organization, we are encouraging our parents and athletes that have been with us to begin investing in your athlete with gear. By investing in your athlete you are helping to provide new athletes an opportunity to use gear and discover how amazing this sport is. We will continue to provide uniforms, fields, games, officials and the fun.

Equipment is available for rent with limited quantities. We do our best to outfit new players with full equipment but have limited quantities, equipment information is available on the teams page.

For boys equipment a $200 check is required as a deposit that will be returned to you when the equipment is returned. In addition, there will be a fee for boys equipment required at pick up:

  • $75 for Jr. Muddogs
  • $75 for Middle school boys
  • $75 for HS Boys

For Girls and Mighty Muddogs equipment a $200 check is required as a deposit. In addition, there will be a fee of $40 to rent the equipment for the season.

All checks will be returned upon return of equipment at the end of the Fall season.


Jr. Muddogs

Look good, feel good, play good. Thanks to the generous donations and fundraising, each athlete receives a complete uniform to be used for the season. The Mighty Muddogs receive a jersey only and should wear their own black shorts. Boy Muddog teams receive a jersey and shorts. Girl Muddogs teams receive a jersey and kilt. Uniforms are handed out at uniform night and are returned at the end of the season in clean and in good condition. Socks and any items worn under the unifrom (Tights, long sleeve, shirts, etc.) should be white, purple, black, or grey.


You will notice a lot of awesome Muddog swag on the sidelines. We are currently looking at a new provider for Muddogs Swag. Stay tuned.