With spring right around the corner we wanted to get a quick resource up for families that are looking to make sure their athletes have all the right gear for this coming season.

If you want to dig into what USA Lacrosse lays out for equipment here is a link to their equipment page and here is a link for the update to boys chest protectors for the 2022 season.

Throughout our club many players have had good experiences with certain brands and to make the process of trying to find gear easier there are a few key links below.

For any player that doesn’t have any protective gear yet, a build your own set is available at lacrosseunlimited.com


For stick recommendations recommend starting with complete sticks (shaft + head + pre-strung). As your player gets more experience we recommend they learn to restring their head because after a period of play the mesh will stretch and lacing will loosen slightly. Keeping “the pocket” consistent by adjusting the mesh will result in more consistent play.

For our Mighty Muddogs we recommend a complete stick setup from Powell Lacrosse that comes in at $65.Delmont.

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