Good Evening and Welcome to Muddogs Lacrosse 2022!

Some important dates for Spring 2022…

  • Try Lax – March 4th 5:00 check in, lax 5:15-6:15 pm at Peak View
  • Try Lax – March 5th 10:00 check in; lax 10:30 – noon at Peak View
  • Equipment Day – March 5th 12:00-1:30 pm at Peak View
  • Coach’s Meeting – March 5th 1:30 pm at Peak View
  • Parent Meeting – Saturday, March 12 at either start or end of practice
  • Sock Fund Raiser Deadline – Wednesday, March 16
  • Spring Break Games – Saturday, March 19 (RSVP with TeamSnap)
  • Uniform Night – Wednesday, March 23 at 6:45 pm
  • Photo Day – Wednesday, March 30
  • Family Day – Saturday, May 7
  • Muddog Gala – Wednesday, May 25

What a tremendous start to our Spring lacrosse program. We have had a record number of athletes register with our Lacrosse Club. We also have so many wonderful athletes and families that continue returning, making the Muddogs a truly special organization. We will cover some information to help prepare you for the upcoming season.

TRY LAX: If you are new to lacrosse and just want to check out and see what the Muddogs are all about, or even better, invite a friend, TRY LAX is the place to do it. There is no pressure – we provide the equipment and fun and you show up. We will have music, fun and our high school athletes will be running your athlete through multiple stations to introduce them to lacrosse.
This will take place at Peak View Elementary located at 641 Lawyer Rd Penn Laird VA, 22846

EQUIPMENT DAY: We are pretty flexible for most things but we take our equipment and uniforms seriously. If you do not have equipment and need to rent equipment, we do have a limited amount available. This is a first come first serve program and we cannot ensure that we will have everything you need, but we will do our best. Recent US Lacrosse rule changes, made much of our equipment in-eligible for use. We received an equipment grant last year that has helped. Fortunately, generous donors and the club have secured additional equipment. We should have adequate number of helmets and chest protectors for our new athletes. We also have gloves and elbow pads but our inventory is not quite as deep so you may need to purchase some of that equipment on your own.

Equipment rental is designed for first year players to provide a taste of lacrosse before families invest in equipment. We also recognize that returning players may need to utilize this program.

To help keep pace with wear and tear on the equipment, a small rental fee is required.

To help ensure the equipment is returned, a separate deposit check is required. This check will be held by the club and returned to you when all equipment is returned in good condition. Equipment is due at the Muddogs Gala on May 25, 2022. Deposit checks for unreturned equipment will be deposited May 26.

Here is how it breaks down by team to rent equipment:

COACH’S MEETING: This will be a quick meeting following equipment day. We will hand out coach buckets, review the schedule, and answer any questions.

PARENT MEETING: These will occur at during practice on Saturday, March 12. Specific times will be posted on TeamSnap. Coach McKnight will meet with each team and their parents to discuss what it means to be a MUDDOG.

SOCK FUNDRAISER: Look good, feel good, play good…and support your lacrosse club. Muddogs will be offering home and away socks for purchase. This is completely VOLUNTARY, but feel encouraged to buy socks for the entire family and extended family. Proceeds support the growth of Muddogs Lacrosse. See the link to order. When ordering more than one pair, simply complete the form as many times as needed. If paying by VENMO (@rocklax), pay for all on your last order. Checks (Rockingham Lacrosse Club) and cash can be turned in during equipment day.

SPRING BREAK GAMES: Our club has been offered a great opportunity for play on Saturday, March 19. We recognize that families may already have plans and be unavailable this day. We have informed the host teams that it is our Spring Break weekend and need to determine player availability before finalizing. Please post your availability to TeamSnap by March 4 (the event will be entered this weekend).

UNIFORM NIGHT: This is a favorite Muddog Tradition. Traditionally uniforms are handed out at this event. We recognize that we may have some need for uniforms prior to this date. If necessary, we will hand them out prior, players can then wear their uniform to Uniform Night as they blast through the high energy tunnel of parents and fellow Muddogs.

PHOTO DAY: Mark your calendar and wear your best Muddog Smile. We will take individual, team, and a club photo.

FAMILY DAY: The coveted year specific lacrosse key chains will again be up for grabs. Each team will be divided into smaller teams and will battle in a Purple vs White Speed Lacrosse Tournament. Speed Lacrosse is a modified game played on a smaller field. There is no checking. A parent bracket is also offered.

MUDDOG GALA: This is a brand-new event this year. Clean uniforms and clean rented equipment are due this day. We will also celebrate our season with a potluck cookout. Stay tuned for details.

PRACTICE: We are looking forward to seeing our older athletes take the field March 7, 2022. The Mighty Muddogs will be joining us March 28, 2022. We will be again utilizing the fields at Weyers Cave Community Center, located at 682 Weyers Cave Rd, Weyers Cave, VA 24486. This is a great facility with a great playground, walking trail, and restroom. Better yet, it allows our teams to practice at the same location. This makes it easier for our families with athletes on multiple teams and allows our coaches to collaborate. We will utilize both the lower field, upper field and this year a third field behind the Community Center. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY NEAR THE PAVILLION

GAMES: Our teams had great success last year and have worked hard to find new opponents this year. We have partnered with some great clubs to provide our athletes with an opportunity to play the fastest game on two feet this spring and have a great schedule planned. Collectively, our focus is on providing all local athletes with an opportunity to play. This involves flexibility and game structure may vary week to week to accommodate each team’s size and ability. The Muddogs will work hard, have fun, and improve as athletes. These new opponents will give our athletes more opportunities to grow as lacrosse players.

TEAMSNAP: If you have not done so already, download the TeamSnap App.

“What’s Team Snap?” Team Snap is our new app that will be our main source of communication for the upcoming lacrosse season. If you have not done it, please download the app. This gives you up to date information on everything scheduled, practice, events, games, special events. It also will provide a map to each event, a full roster so you can get to know athletes (please upload a photo), It can help track attendance and let your coaches you will be there or not. You can directly text coaches, players, parents to stay informed. In addition, on the app we will have opportunities to volunteer during the season for so many different ways to help. In addition, you can upload game photos, stats and a lot more great information. Download the app and stay engaged. For players that have their own phones we recommend the player and parents having separate accounts so we can communicate and plan for volunteer needs etc.

The team schedules are listed on the website and are also in TeamSnap. We will update times and locations as they are finalized.
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out by responding to this email or call/text 602-319-5934.

Coaches Jeffrey and Sarah

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